Using technology to enable access to justice at scale

Running a law clinic, community advice center or pro-bono operation requires the support of a greater network. Baobab Connect provides a set of tools to refer and track cases, manage remote teams and measure impact in the pursuit of access to justice.


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Communication and collaboration are vital components in the fight for access to justice. Legal Connection allows you to manage teams of legal professionals: paralegals law students and pro-bono legal teams. It’s also great for running a modern law firm.

  • Keep track of all communication relating to a matter in one place

  • Full matter conversation visible to all parties that are granted access

  • Files, tasks, billing and interactive features show in the timeline

how it works

Our platform allows organizations to:

Track referrals

Referrals are a crucial component of access to justice.. Keep track of all inbound and outbound cases and keep your clients in the loop.

Report and Measure

Reports are one of those things we just can’t get away from. Baobab Connect makes it easy to measure the work being done by your team.

Maintain Security & Privacy

Using personal emails and IM clients means your clients confidentiality is at risk. Using a centralized system means better control over privileged data.

funding access to justice

Stay sustainable

If you're looking for ways to make your access to justice operation a viable business, we can help. Use any combination of the following features to make your project profitable and keep the lights on.

Paid memberships

Set up paid memberships for your clients and keep track of who is paid up

Fixed price legal services

Create an online store to market and get paid for your fixed price legal service

Friendly quoting

With quick quotes in chat, you can discuss and agree on fees and invoice fast

Get paid

With a range of integrated payment options, you can get paid before you start work

" The first duty of society is justice "

- Alexander Hamilton

The number of people around the world who lack access to justice

Our plan

Pricing plan


  • Matter management
  • Referral management
  • Contacts
  • Tasks


  • For profit operation
  • Manage teams over 50
  • Quoting and Invoicing
  • Managing accounts


  • API Integration
  • Custom development
  • Custom reporting
  • Consulting
clients say



“This tool has the capacity to improve communication between all the public interest litigators which would improve the success of their cases and the impact of their cases which would unlock access to services for many people in the country”.

Paula Proudlock
The Children’s Institute

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