How to get a protection order when you are being abused at home

In this video Palesa talks about the various types of abuse which an lead to a protection order. She also highlights why a person would need a protection order and here she gives a step by step guide on how to obtain a protection order in a domestic violence case. 

1. Go to your nearest family court or regional magistrate court. 

2. Once you get there go to the Domestic Violence court where you will be handed a form 2. 

3. Specify clearly the dates and times of abuse in your affidavit. 

* Please note that if the affidavit is not clear, the magistrate will not be able to grant the interim protection order. 

4. After the form has been handed in, you will then be advised to wait until the magistrate can see you. Do not leave, wait to be called. 

If the interim protection order has not been granted that means that the affidavit did not satisfy the magistrate. If however it is, you and the respondent will be given a return date for you to set out your case. 

In the interim, between the return date and the date of application you will be given a warrant of arrest should the abuse continue, you have the right to go to the police station with the warrant of arrest and have the responded arrest. 


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