How to evict an unlawful occupier.

In this video tutorial Nozi gives a step by step guide on how to lawfully evict an unlawful occupier from your property. You will learn that it is illegal to evict a tenant by way of cutting off water and electricity supplies or by any means of damage to the property. If you do so, you will face criminal and civil charges. These are the steps:

  1. Serve them with a notice letter, informing them that they are being evicted. Giving them 30 days to vacate. 
  2. If after 30 days the occupant has not left, then approach a court that has jurisdiction in the area. There will be a hearing where both sides are heard by a magistrate. If the court states that the unlawful occupant must vacate, they are given 30 days and it is your responsibility to go and check after 30 days whether the occupant has left. 
  3. If they have not left then you must go to the clerk of the court to get a warrant of ejectment issued, which is then sent to the sheriff.