How to report child abuse

Mandi provides a step by step guide on how to report child abuse, she defines what child abuse is and the categories of what a "child" is. This is what she has to say: If you suspect that the child is being molested the steps to take:

1. Take the child to a doctor As soon as possible. 

2. Download form J88 in this tutorial and fill it out and take it to the doctor otherwise you can get it from any doctor. 

3. Take the child to a psychological assessment and once the perpetrator has been disclosed you will then be given the disclosures. 

4. After obtaining the disclosures, take those with you as well as the J88 form to the children's court. 

5. Lay a charge or bring an application in terms of Section 150 of the Children's Act. 

6. Also go to the domestic violence court to get an immediate interdict to prevent contact with the perpetrator. 


From the 6th stage on, there will a social worker to work on the case and the social worker working with the police will run the case, aside from the arrested, perpetrators are also put on a list of child abusers to protect other children as well. 


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